Optical Energy Technologies, Inc.

Connecticut Solar Energy Company 

OETI was organized in 1984, and since then has been engaged in the design, development and manufacture of patented, non-tracking concentrating solar collectors, and the installation, and service of all types of solar energy systems.  The main thrust of this effort has been to reduce the complexity, and cost of solar thermal products and increase their reliability by reducing the number of their components through the use of optical concentration.

In 1997, OETI was reorganized to provide expanded electro-optical, electronic, mechanical, and instrument system design and development services from concept definition, system and worst case analyses, design, fabrication, and test of electro-optical instruments and/or subsystems of larger electro-optical systems for ground and space utilization.

OETI has a staff of interdisciplinary senior level engineers/managers, having a cumulative experience of over 150 man-years, who have worked closely together for over 10 years.

Our products have been installed locally in Fairfield County Connecticut for homeowners, as well as nationally and internationally by aerospace companies and universities.



He has over 60 years of experience in Aerospace and Solar Energy Technologies, has over 35 issued patents, and has written over 21 technical papers.

In his Aerospace career with Martin, TRW, and Barnes Engineering Company, he was responsible for the design of Infrared instruments for space applications such as:
1.Mariner Venus Flyby radiometer in 1962,
2.Lunar Orbit radiometer on the Apollo 17 Command Module,
3.Earth sensor used on GPS satellites including its patent,
4.Horizon Sensors on the NASA Cosmic Background Experiment (COBE),
5.Vertical Temperature Profile Radiometers for the NOAA Weather Satellite series
6.Cross Track Radiometric Scanner on D.O.E. Earth Radiation Budget Experiment Satellite (ERBE, The first measurement of Global Warming)
In his Solar Energy career, he designed his first solar heated residence in 1960, and proceeded to modify his present residence in 1968 and again in 2007, to achieve over 50% yearly space and solar hot water heating.  Since 1984, he has developed a concentrating solar thermal solar hot water collector, installed in over 100 locations, and, more recently, a hybrid photovoltaic/solar thermal concentrating collector system, with an energy generation cost of less than $0.50 per watt, and a payback period expectation of less than 5 years, without government subsidy.
He also participated in the design of the SOLAROOF integrated solar thermal system now installed in two locations in Fairfield County, both having survived the SANDY hurricane with no damage or leaks.



Peter Cummings is the principal of Peter Cummings Inc., a design firm with 26 years of experience designing and constructing residential homes and small commercial buildings throughout Fairfield County as well as homes in Ireland, St. Kitts, Martha’s Vineyard, New Orleans, Nevada, Washington D.C., Vermont and Rhode Island.  He has over 15 years of hands-on experience running his own projects which include framing, exterior and interior trim, operating heavy equipment, and site development including cutting in roads, building sanitary pump stations as well as the installation of sewer mains, underground electrical wiring and water mains.

In addition to his home and commercial designs, Peter is considered an expert in building homes in high hazard areas and has been a guest speaker at several Building and Engineering conventions throughout Fairfield County.  He also custom designs and fabricates furniture and built-ins for his clients at his PCI facility located in Bridgeport CT.

Peter’s hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of designing and renovating new and existing structures gives him the ability to provide clear cost estimates for the design and construction of new homes and building projects. Working 3D models of new and/or existing structures at the concept level allows Peter an insight into what the actual final fixes or structural design will be.  This 3D model creates a better understanding of how the structure will be engineered as well as the most cost effective way to accomplish this.

Peter has been working with Gerald Falbel, and OPTICAL ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES INC. for over ten years in the design and construction of solar energy systems of all kinds.

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